Has you know so far, you know that i’m just tired of the secrets I constantly have to be on good behavior so to speak. I could never speak my mind and when I do people get so offended it’s not worth going through the argument of explaining why I felt a certain way about a situation. Just take it and go on from there. When I was young I did childish things. I would steal, lie, and cheat. Also, had some sexual experiences as early as the age of  7-8 years old. I can remember playing house with the little girl and her brother across the street. She was the husband and I was the wife and the siblings were just that siblings.

Your mind is  wondering WOW ! Yes, we were kissing, touching, and clothes burning some people might call it. I knew what I was doing and enjoyed every bit of it. Go ahead and judge me because everyone else is doing it right now. It doesn’t matter at this point. I should not feel guilty about what and how I felt as child and what I did back then. I knew it was wrong but I have always had an sexual urge you should say. One example while everyone is sleeping on the mat at daycare. A boy and I are kissing and touching each other. You ask where were the teachers are at they were there. But, as a child you learn you can be creative on how to be sneaky and I believe that is the reason why now my children are so sneaky and constantly getting caught with whatever they do because I’m the one who invented being sneaky…..


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