So this is my first blog.. let me just give a little intro of myself my name is Ashley and i’m 33 married two kids my son who is 12 and daughter who is 9. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. Both my kids are from previous relationships. ( hint relationships). I decided I want to do a blog I have a lot that goes on with  my family and I wanted to see if anyone else could relate with my family issues.

Right now we are located in Texas we have been here for 5 years now and so far so good. I have lost two jobs since I have been down here. That has been really hard to accept from time to time. Because I have always been the bread winner so to speak. I can say I am bless that my husband is able to take that role but it is a hard pill to swallow from time to time. I can say he is doing a really great job supporting us.

Well I guess, it’s time for some juicy stuff.. I am an addict and the only people that know are close friends and my husband. I recently quit smoking cigarettes which I have been smoking since 18 years old. I truly don’t remember anything from the age 18-23 but will do my best. Currently as of right now I do weed (marijuana) a long time secret of mine. I function fine on a daily basis, but when everyone goes to bed it’s a different story…..


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