Discouraging Woman Part 3:

Well, I have been busy didn’t get to post anything yesterday my apologies. So I explain a little of my childhood and what I have experience let’s go to my teen years. It was alright so to speak we had a babysitter which was my cousin and we use to eat each other out from time to time. What can I say I did like doing it and did it enjoy it being done on me too. You know this would happen when the parents were at work or they were either sleep. I did tell my mom about it when I was in my late 20’s , she sat and talk to me about but I didn’t really tell her how I really felt about it because I didn’t want to be judge and hear a whole lecture about why didn’t say anything. What could I had said that I like it and knew what I was doing.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love men the way they look and smell. I believe that we should love everyone. I always have been the type of person that looks past the color of your skin or your gender. I never saw that I see a person with feelings. Why should I judge you and why should you judge me? We all have the same anatomy five-fingers and five toes. I don’t regret anything I have done and what people have done to me because honestly I let them. You do have control of your body at some point. Some people would say different. I am different I always had a sexual thirst since I have been a child. Watching movies , reading books I have always been curious. If you don’t have someone to relate to about it, it can be discouraging for a woman like me…..


Discouraging Woman Part 2:

Has you know so far, you know that i’m just tired of the secrets I constantly have to be on good behavior so to speak. I could never speak my mind and when I do people get so offended it’s not worth going through the argument of explaining why I felt a certain way about a situation. Just take it and go on from there. When I was young I did childish things. I would steal, lie, and cheat. Also, had some sexual experiences as early as the age of  7-8 years old. I can remember playing house with the little girl and her brother across the street. She was the husband and I was the wife and the siblings were just that siblings.

Your mind is  wondering WOW ! Yes, we were kissing, touching, and clothes burning some people might call it. I knew what I was doing and enjoyed every bit of it. Go ahead and judge me because everyone else is doing it right now. It doesn’t matter at this point. I should not feel guilty about what and how I felt as child and what I did back then. I knew it was wrong but I have always had an sexual urge you should say. One example while everyone is sleeping on the mat at daycare. A boy and I are kissing and touching each other. You ask where were the teachers are at they were there. But, as a child you learn you can be creative on how to be sneaky and I believe that is the reason why now my children are so sneaky and constantly getting caught with whatever they do because I’m the one who invented being sneaky…..

Discourage Woman Part 1:

So this is my first blog.. let me just give a little intro of myself my name is Ashley and i’m 33 married two kids my son who is 12 and daughter who is 9. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. Both my kids are from previous relationships. ( hint relationships). I decided I want to do a blog I have a lot that goes on with  my family and I wanted to see if anyone else could relate with my family issues.

Right now we are located in Texas we have been here for 5 years now and so far so good. I have lost two jobs since I have been down here. That has been really hard to accept from time to time. Because I have always been the bread winner so to speak. I can say I am bless that my husband is able to take that role but it is a hard pill to swallow from time to time. I can say he is doing a really great job supporting us.

Well I guess, it’s time for some juicy stuff.. I am an addict and the only people that know are close friends and my husband. I recently quit smoking cigarettes which I have been smoking since 18 years old. I truly don’t remember anything from the age 18-23 but will do my best. Currently as of right now I do weed (marijuana) a long time secret of mine. I function fine on a daily basis, but when everyone goes to bed it’s a different story…..